Monday, September 10, 2012

College Days

Back at school, and loving everyday of it. It's nice to be back to work and enjoying myself while I have tons of stuff to do. Seeing all my friends from all over the state makes the time pass faster than ever. It seems like I've been here for months, and it has only been a couple of weeks. Adjusting to the new room in the same dorm took less than a day.

I have two classes everyday, and the work is fairly easy, minus all the reading and writing (I'm a math major, I hate all this English type class work). I get done with classes fairly early everyday, and have plenty of time for myself and my work. For once I have been going to bed before midnight most nights, and am getting all the work done.

I will soon have an awesome set-up for my computer, with the monitors wall mounted on a rig that hangs from the underside of my lofted bed. I'm getting some stuff ready to ship out and surprise some people, and hope they love it.

I'm a little less tense this year too, and I joke with everyone and surprise them with my bit of humor. I have made my roommate jump a couple of times, and all I've done is take a nap in my bed. Ah the glorious sound of a yelp as it wakes me up from my sleep, to find my roommate saying he didn't realize I was in the room.


J. Curtis

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