Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So this week was spent preparing for a recital that took place on 3/28. I had the great pleasure of singing a fun song titled "Once In Love With Amy." Originally sung by Ray Bolger (who was Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz), and rather playful in the melody. The liberties that can be taken with the piece can make or break it. I sang in front of several of my peers and a few professors, and got great reviews. Some include "you should try out for area plays." and "you are such a character." Now why people said that last one, I have no idea. ; )

But singing is something I thoroughly enjoy, and when I can get into a piece, that's when the magic happens. I made people laugh, and my stage presents filled the room. But enough about my performance, for I still have a great deal to learn, and I know it. The other performers were excellent, and I am jealous of a few. One guy has an amazing range of higher pitches that I want to eventually be able to do. Other's had a great deal of emotion within the number they performed.

Now I'll leave you with this:
I came back to my dorm Sunday night to find it covered in giant clear trash bags blown up with air. So let the prank war begin my friends. It was well done, and rather funny to see. Comment if you have any interesting pranks that would fit a dorm setting.

Have a good week my friends.

J. Curtis

Question of the week:
"If you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games!

So the movie was pretty good. Not entirely what I expected, but I must say the effects were fantastic! It's amazing what animators can pull off in this day and age on a computer. Now The story in the movie is slightly varied from the books, but for the most part it does stay true to the book. The cuts made to the movie from the book were necessary, otherwise the movie would end up being three hours or more.

I had a great time with my good friend, but I do wish we could have hung out more after the movie. We did get to chat a little before, during, and after the movie, but not enough to completely catch up. Though we still had fun, and I cannot wait till we hang out again. So much to talk about and reminisce about. :)

And may the odds be ever in your favor;

J. Curtis

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No Longer a Teen... And Hunger!

So I recently celebrated my 20th this past weekend. Had a nice party with my friends on Friday, and then celebrated with my college friends on Monday. Though I have to say the day of my birthday was the best! Between texting an amazing person and seeing the people I hadn't seen in over a week, to a "Straight No Chaser" concert on WCNY!

Now this weekend is The Hunger Games opening weekend! So excited to see it, and then we get to hang out after and catch up some more. So in order to prepare, I read all three books, and found them very enjoyable. A well balanced mix of tragedy, romance, drama, and troubles of today are apparent to me. Of course we all have our own opinions. To see the adaptation to film will be interesting to say the least.

I unfortunately have not been writing any poetry lately, but that means I'll have to dig into my book for some posts.

Peace for now;

J. Curtis

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Outdoors Club VS. CREW Team!

So today was a pretty awesome day. I got to sleep in until 11:30 since I have no classes on Tuesdays, and then I went to work for three hours answering people's questions on different subjects. I got my homework done early, and a good thing too, because I am now sore all over.

So Tuesday nights means water polo! Tonight, it was the Outdoors Club vs. the CREW Club (our rowing team). I played for Outdoors Club, and we only had five players with one possible substitute that we used once or twice. CREW had about eight or nine players and we played five on five. Our substitute also subbed for CREW since she is part of both groups. The game was played to fifteen, and it took us two hours for a team to win, and it was a close game, even with CREW having subs left and right. So I cannot remember most of the details, but it was intense and tons of fun. Of course it's not a game of polo unless I get hit in the head at least once... But five times is pushing it! No serious injury (as far as I know), and I cannot wait to play CREW again. Final score was fifteen to eleven, Outdoor's Club for the win!

CREW Club, I would like to congratulate you on giving us a good healthy work out, and run for our money. Keep up the good work, and better luck next time!

Signing off;

J. Curtis