Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Time

So now it's summer break for me. That means no more classes, and I'm back home until August. Earlier this week, I found out that I am on academic warning due to failing two of my classes for this past semester. Well, not really "failed" so much as semi-passed, but need to retake. Due to this set back, I am most likely going to be in college one semester longer than I had originally planned. Just wonderful...

But now that I'm home, I can relax and try to feel better. Though job hunting is not the greatest way to relax. I've applied at several local area businesses, and to no avail have I been hired. Within 24 hours of applying online, I was rejected with a "Thank you for applying, but as of right now we are looking for more qualified people." I can understand that completely, since I had absolutely no experience working in that line of work.

Yet, the one that gets me to laugh and wonder what has become of this nation/world as a whole:

I was applying at a local pizzeria, and had filled out an application to hand in. So I had walked in, and waited about 2 minutes before a worker was available to help me. I handed my application over, and he looked it over. He asked if I had ever done a service job before, and I replied not really. So then he asked if I have ever done deliveries. Now a little background information, I do not have my drivers license. So I told this to the worker, and he proceeded to ask my age, to which I replied in full. He smirked and replied snidely "You better get on that, then." In my family, I'm required to pay for the insurance once I get my license. When the worker heard this, he replied "Best find a way to get some money."

I don't know about you, but I believe that is rude and unprofessional. I'm looking for a job so that I can get my license. This worker didn't have the common sense to put two and two together, that's just sad.

So I've been home almost 2 weeks. I think it is about time I had one of my game nights with my good friends. The only thing is my basement is a mess. So now it's cleaning time!

Now I shall sign off with one of my favorite quotes;

"What's the point of being grown up, if you can't act childish sometimes?"

J. Curtis

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