Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Blues

So this is my summer report:

I have been home from college for a little over 4 weeks. In that time I found out that I had failed two classes this last semester (therefore I am on academic warning), I am most likely going on a new medication, and have done very little at all. Now this is all rather disturbing to me, and have made me more aware of my mortality in general, and just how flawed one person can be.

My first weekend home was nothing too exciting. Just some lounging around the house, and a bike ride here or there. The following week was the same, and the weekend after that was spent in Rochester recording a music group at RIT. This comprised of me sitting around playing video games, and watch tv. The next week, I went to a cook out at a friends place, met some awesome people, and have kept in touch with a couple of them.

Memorial Day weekend arrived, and my mom went to my grandma's place for the weekend, and I stayed home and went to the Bazaar in my area. I met with my good friend and her boyfriend, enjoyed the time, and tried to just have fun and let what has been bugging me at bay. The next day I went to my grandma's place to spend time there since I hadn't seen her in several months (December-ish  :\).

I ended up going back out to RIT to see my brothers again, and help my oldest brother move to a new apartment. It was a good time, and I spent the following week out there helping arrange the new place, and spending time with my roommate. Now I'm back home, and back to the job hunting, the worrying about bills for college, and the new medication stuff. Sometimes I wish life were simple and care free...

Slowly going mad here : |

J. Curtis

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