Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm sure everyone has those days were they see something that reminds them of their past, and then from that point on, for the rest of the day, it leads to other nostalgic moments... Am I right? Hello? Anyone? No one?

Oh well. So mine started when I saw this one meme cartoon ( -> So very true) and then I just had to listen to the song. After that, I remembered some other songs that I used to listen to, and continued to look them up on These include They might be giants - experimental film, and a couple strong bad email songs (Different town and TROGDOR!). Must watch TROGDOR if you have no clue what it is ( Oh the good old days. *sigh* Where one had no care in the world and just had the free time to do whatever one wanted.

Now I watch a fair amount of anime, and one of my favorites is "Fairy Tail." When I first started watching it, I noticed that a few of the characters I had seen in other mangas and anime series. So I looked up the author, and behold, he wrote the "Rave Master" series as well! So he incorporated a few characters, and made references to his other works with names and places.

So again. nostalgia day ahead. Maybe it will be inspiring! Until next we meet:

J. Curtis signing off.

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