Sunday, April 1, 2012

Working Weekend.

As a college student, it is hard to find the perfect balance between relaxing, having a social life, and studying for classes. As such, I have been ahead of my school work, to really far behind on my work, and somewhere in the middle. Right now I would decree myself to be in the middle to behind category. So as of right now, outside of meals and the occasional chat online or text chat, I have no life. My goal is to work on a couple of assignments per class per day, and then pass the rest of the work by getting ahead. Will this ideally happen? We'll soon find out.

Though I will say, I have found some more inspiration for my poems, as of late, and will soon post one. So until then, enjoy this incomplete poem...

I'll give to you
The time I have
But not expect the same

For what you do
And why I love you
Is cute in every way

Worlds apart
From the start
Yet still we play the game...

Until next time:

J. Curtis

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