Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Day, Another Say

So I figure that the first few posts will give some more insight on who I am. When I'm stressed or down, I do one of two things:

1) Play video games to relax
2) If an idea has been in my head, write out a poem.

Yes I write poems, and I've been told they're good. I'm a classical romantic guy, raised to be a gentleman, in a generation that I believe looks down upon it. Yet I refuse to abandon hope and my up-bringing and integrate into the "system."

Now I'm not really sure if it's just me, or if other people feel the same, but I have a "love-hate" relationship with my parents. Granted no parent and child will be 100% buddies all the time. I know it's something that is worked at like any friendship, but I feel my parents, even though I am 19, are a little overbearing. Yes when I am on vacation from school I live at home, but I'm still on vacation. I don't go home because I want to, I go because I have nowhere else to go. Granted I should be saying this to my parents, but I'm scared to death of them and any reaction they would give me. I once talked with my dad, and it escalated to a shouting match over how he works me as hired hand and ignores my brothers when we are all home.

So yes, I know that it's not proper to be talking about people behind their back, but at the same time I'm not doing it to hurt them or bash on them to discredit them. I'm doing this to blow off steam and not explode on them or anyone else (which I have done). Yet, my parents still want to know where I'm going, who I'll be with, and what time I'll be back, as if I'm still a little kid or a worker. "If you have work for me to do, write it down, hand it to me or tell me where it is, and it will get done." I tell them that, and when they ask for notice on when I go out, I try to work it out so that it fits with what they want done, yet they won't tell me when they have something planned.

I guess this could be my method of getting it out, and to help control my anger some, but enough with that.

Signing off and wishing all enjoyment!

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