Monday, January 9, 2012

Diseased and Confused?

So today was a rather interesting day. Had a doctor's appointment for a condition I've had since I was in first grade (13-14 years now) that went smoothly. Recently the doctors classified it as crones colitis, and last year I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. Now for those who don't know;

Crones Colitis is the inflammation of the colon and can cause bleeding if not controlled by medications.

Barrett's Esophagus is the erosion of the esophagus near the stomach lining.

So at today's appointment, we went over the blood work that I am required to have every 3 months. My iron stores levels are up from last time (18 now, 3 before, norm is 22-334) but for some reason (could be the medications) my white blood cell count is fluctuating. So now I'm being referred to hematologist to help determine what is going on (Oh joy!). That appointment is scheduled for this Wednesday...

So that leads to joint issues due to the medications and disease itself. So even though I'm 19, I have arthritis in both knees (also partly due to soccer as a kid. gosh I miss it!).

Now that doesn't stop me from keeping active. I love to bike and play water polo, as well as recreational sports. Yet it leads to some interesting events, such as concussions. Now most people view concussions as a bad thing (yes they are dangerous), but they have helped me in more ways than I can count. Firstly, I have had three concussions within the past two years. Senior year of high school I got a metal frame floor hockey to my face between my eyes (luckily my nose stayed whole). May 2011, I was going to the high school to get a surprise for my high school choral director ( and crashed my bike into a fence and tree after hitting a pot hole. October 2011, playing water polo, I got an elbow to the crown of my head while defending against the person.

So these concussions have given me insight as to who I am, and some of my truer feelings. It wasn't until I had the third concussion that I realized and could openly admit that I even had feelings for the girl that I went to the mall with yesterday. This surprised me and her when I just came out and said that I had thought of asking her to date. One thing lead to the next, and got us to where we are now. Now concussions for me have left me dazed to the point where I have lost a few weeks, to just giving me symptoms of headaches and nausea. While that gives me the physical symptoms, I have gotten some mental lapses. When talking to my roommate, I have jumped from topic to topic with no connection between the two.

So I guess part of what I have learned is:
1) Concussions, though painful and dangerous, can have their benefits.
2) Not everything is a curse, and true friends will stay by you even when you are crazy.
3) Life is no fun f you cannot enjoy yourself for who you are.

Who needs to be organized? Peace everyone!

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