Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Poetry of Water Polo

Yesterday was a pain due to the length of the day (up at 6:30 am and classes until 9 pm). 6 classes with only 2 breaks to rest during. Though I survived and had a great day. Chatted with a great friend on the first floor about some problems and events that were going on. Barely used my computer (surprising considering I am a nerd and always on it). Cursed the shortage of staff hands in the dorm for not keeping the front desk open into today, but got to have my mac & cheese!

So it's the second week of the new semester, and even better, it's Tuesday! Which means that the clubs are meeting for the first time this year! So tonight will be full of a few of my favorite activities:

1) Water Polo
2) White Collar
3) Mac & Cheese or pizza!

Water polo is my new favorite sport to play, even though it is slightly dangerous for me as a toothpick of a guy. We play with our own rules in a small 4 lane indoor pool. We are allowed to use the wall as a backboard, and the edge of the pool, when on defense and offense, as a means to get the upper hand. Dunking is permitted only when the person has the ball, and you must let them breathe, but it's so much fun!

So now I got one thing left to do today. A poem from the past O.o

Time goes by
A random sigh
One stands alone
While all have flown

The road will unfold
The air gets cold
One starts an attack
That brings memories back

Friends of old
Begin to fold
They show their hand
As they look for land

The question comes
Of products and sums
What lays ahead
In a life to be led

Time to take control
No matter the toll
And take a chance
Without a second glance

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