Monday, January 23, 2012

College Days!

So I'm finally back in my dorm for the next month or so. That means more supplies, a little more freedom, and time to kill between homework, classes, and tutoring. Swimming is going to become a daily thing that I will attempt to put myself through, and at the same time, I will be able to have a few more stories to share.

As such, before I can post the first poem, more background information on me is needed. For example, I am a gamer, and enjoy games such as "Starcraft," "Portal," and "Halo." One of my favorite things about those games, is it gives me a sense of control and power where I am in command of events. Now "Portal" has a humorous song titled "Still Alive" by Johnathan Coulton (Jo Co for short). Well Jo Co writes his songs on many things, and challenged himself to do "Thing a Week," where he wrote a song a week for an entire year. His newest album is "Artificial Heart," and contains a song that I have enjoyed and been able to associate a few events in my life to. The song is titled "Nobody Loves You Like Me." and is the basis for the poem to follow. It fits with the meter of the song, and is my way to express myself...

So first, the link to the song:

And now...

"Could You be the One for Me?"

Each thought of you
Could never do
To take the place
Of your beautiful face
There's only one
Thing left to be said
Could you be the one for me?

I miss you so much
When we are apart
Is it just me
Or's there more there to see
For when you're away
My life seems so gray
Could you be the one for me?

My heart skips a beat
Each time that we meet
Is it deceived
Or has it received
Some sign from above
Passed down by a dove
No way of ever knowing...

A smile at a glance
No words take the chance
To help describe
How I feel with you
To be by your side
Is all that I need
Could you be the one for me?

Could it just be
Naught but a dream
All in my head
As a book to be read
If only you'd see
What you mean to me
Maybe we'd be together...

Up in the sky
No room for good-bye
There's space to glide
Without any guide
Dreams do come true
For me and for you
Could you be the one for me?

Could you be the one for me?

-J. Curtis

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